Macomb’s safest streets

Macomb is a great place for bicycle commuters. The small size of our community means you can get anywhere in town quickly and easily on a bicycle. But even in a bike friendly city like Macomb, some streets are safer than others. Here are a few of our discoveries:


The City of Macomb has acted on the recommendations of the Macomb Planning Commission and the Community Development Commission. We have two brand new bicycle lanes on Washington and Carroll streets. These new bike lanes make it easier and safer for you to get around on your bicycle, and they’re only part of the plan! This map shows the City of Macomb’s extensive plan for making Macomb a more bicycle-friendly community.

Jackson Street should simply be avoided at all costs. There’s too much traffic on the road, and the sidewalks are uneven and have high curbs in some places. Instead of riding on Jackson, use the new bike lanes on Washington on the south side and Carroll on the north side. These one-way streets are much safer than Jackson because the have less traffic and because traffic is limited to one direction.

Finally, if you need to cross Jackson Street, the safest places are the stoplights at Wigwam Hollow, Ward, Johnson, Campbell, Dudley, and Prairie Ave.

North Lafayette Street is also State Highway 67, and sees a lot of semi-truck traffic in addition to the traffic it gets as a major street in Macomb. Randolph street runs parallel to Lafayette through all of Macomb, and is a much safer road. We suggest using Randolph street instead of Lafayette whenever possible.

If you must ride on North Lafayette, the sidewalks there are much better than those on Jackson Street, and we suggest you consider using the sidewalk during heavy traffic.

South Lafayette street is not a very busy street, and should be safe to ride any time.

Of course, our favorite street is North Columbia! It’s a short street on the west side of town that doesn’t see a lot of car traffic and has a great bike shop. Drop in and see us sometime. We’ll make sure your bike is in the best shape to get you across town safely.

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