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The Macomb Area Mountain Bike Club (MACmtbc) is a group of riders that love the sport of Mountain Biking. For more information, see their web page at

Spring Lake Singletrack

For the mountain biker, Spring Lake Park just north of Macomb has three excellent mountain biking trails. The trails are graded by difficulty.

The “Deer” trail is easy and an excellent ride for beginners. It’s flat and open, like a meadow, with just a few short hills and very simple obstacles.

“Fox” trail is made of two separate loops and when water below the Spring Lake dam is low, includes an exciting pass over the water on rocks. Fox trail offers a lot more dirt and more obstacles than the Deer Trail, including bridges, ramps, and even a double teeter-totter.

The “Rat” trail is the most challenging trail. Rat shares some space with Fox, but forks off down a hill into some exciting technical riding with even more obstacles and some great drops and jumps.

Macomb Area Cycling Moutain Bike Club sport:expert race course

Spring Lake Park is located north of Macomb. To get there by car, take Highway 67 North to 1500th road (you’ll see a sign for Spring Lake). Go west on 1500th until you see the sign for Spring Lake on your right. When you come to the “T” at the edge of the lake, go left, and the parking lot for the trails will be at the end of the road.

If you’d like to ride your bike to the trailhead, we recommend avoiding highway 67 (Semi trucks going 70 MPH don’t mix well with mountain bikes). Instead, go north on Wigwam Hollow Road, and ride up “President’s Hill.” At the top of the hill, the road snakes past the University President’s house and some WIU farm buildings until it meets up with 1400th road by the golf course. Go East (right) on 1400th, and then take the first left (Ember Rd). Ride North on Ember Road until 1500th Road. At 1500th Road, take a left, and ride East until you see the sign for Spring Lake on your right.

As always, you should wear a helmet and other protective gear when riding.

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