Recommended Children’s Bicycles

The BIKE SHOP sells Trek bicycles for children of all ages. The right bike for your child depends on his or her age and height, and Trek’s Dialed Fit Specific components adjust to fit your child as he or she grows up.

Age Height Boys Girls
3-4 Years 35-45″ Jet 12 Mystic 12
4-6 Years 39-49″ Jet 16 Mystic 16
6-9 Years 44.5-53″ Jet 20 Mystic 20
7-9 Years 47-55.5″ MT 60
(Your child’s first real mountain bike!)
9-12 Years 53-65″ MT 220


We take trade-ins! When your child does finally outgrow their bicycle, bring it in to The BIKE SHOP and we’ll give you fair value towards a brand new bike that will continue to grow with your child.

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